Our Company


Founded by Cemal Güzelci in 1992, EMILIANO ZAPATA became one of the leading companies in the sector with its synergy created by a team specialized in all kinds of leather and fur manufacturing processes with its 25-years leather and fashion experience.

In years passing as of its foundation, EMILIANO ZAPATA reached a distinguished level in the luxurious fashion sector. Our primary goals include to reflect the newest trends of the world to our unique collections and to create new trends by contributing to pioneering regions of the sector with our creative and innovative spirit.

Thanks to its wide range of product, EMILIANO ZAPATA succeeded in creating a powerful and faithful customer mass in several countries of the world. We believe that a real, sincere and long-term relationship with our customers has a vital importance.

Our customers are leading actors of our company. Our priority is to keep our customers’ satisfaction at the upmost level with our all kinds of after-sale services and supports.

We are trying to offer the truest solutions by understanding needs of our customers. We provide them with the opportunity to experience privileges of being a part of EMILIANO ZAPATA family at first hand. With the aim of sustainability of these valuable relations, we remind them how precious they are to us and we always renew ourselves not to lose their trusts.

When manufacturing is concerned, EMILIANO ZAPATA is the most important player of the sector with its experienced staff, manufacturing technology , and plants possessing a high volume of work. EMILIANO ZAPATA markets its products to most important brands of the world. Our goal is to follow latest trends in fashion and offer them to our customers in a best possible way.

We export our products, of which quantities are changing between 50.000 and 60.000 a year, to elite brands throughout the world such as from Far East to USA, from Europe to Canada and Russia.

EMILIANO ZAPATA has its own product development team with fashion designers, trend estimators, graphic designers, staff specialized in fabric, leather and fur materials. Also several leading fashion designers throughout the world contribute to our team with their own special designs and creative ideas. The creativity and improvement to be gained in such a way have a key importance to deliver the best quality service and products to our customers. All these technical developments and team works are conducted in our headquarter in İstanbul.

Our company adopted as the company culture to manufacture high quality goods on which qualified workmanship is applied depending upon developing technology and rising standards by supporting research and development activities with more investments to meet new trends in accordance with its superior business ethics and honest working principles.


We believe that quality is hidden in detail.

Raw Material Storage

Upon receipt of the order, the purchasing department checks the availability of the stock through the MRP system and generates the purchase order from the required raw material. The unit quantity of the raw material that has passed the order and the conformity to the desired goods are determined by the input controls. The physical testing laboratory tests necessary raw materials. Other auxiliary materials are also made available for production use by accessory blocking method in the order of order quantity and production order.

The ordered product, leather and material are ordered in the data of the data received from the on-line stock follow-up centre in the planning section. After ordering, the incoming leather and materials from our firm are registered in the MRP system by performing Input Control at raw material acceptance and delivery. The incoming product is classified according to color and order number and its place in the Computerized Addressing System. The appropriate products are made ready for use by the accessory blockage method in order of order quantity and production order.

Model Studio

In the product design phase, basic operations related to the preparation of the collection are made; LECTRA program is used in stages such as original model design, model drawing, trial mold creation, fit control, production mold preparation, serialization, cutting layout, sewing plan. In order to be able to follow the technical details at every stage of the production, necessary statements are prepared and published.

Cutting Room

The cutting process is carried out by expert staff in the cutting department after being classified in the special light assisted dressing tables according to the prepared cutting plan.

Sewing Room

Our company specializing in men’s and ladies’ ready-made clothing is an integrated facility that can answer any kind of student with its machine park equipped with cutting-edge technology, cutting / sewing / press department and experienced staff. All production processes are monitored regularly with MRP software and production movements are kept under control. All operators are operating in accordance with the operating instructions and the machine operating and maintenance instructions.

Sewing and press operations are controlled by inline controllers in terms of mechanics, method and ergonomics, and the quality of the production is kept constant at the desired criteria. Jacket production park; Body, Undercoat, Arm, Assembly and Ironing Press department is composed of five sections and has a production capacity of 1000 jackets per week.

Quality Control

Our quality policy; Based on the principle of sustainable success that both stakeholders and industry will respond to the quality product claim in the most appropriate way. Quality control is carried out by expert staff at all stages from the EMILIANO ZAPATA design stage to reaching the final product, with the awareness that the production is a solid foundation, and the quality of service is further improved with internal and external inspections regularly carried out every year.

Shipment Room

It is the department where very carefully produced products are stored and prepared for shipment to the customer. The products are shipped systematically after the final quality checks are made. Having a storage capacity of 2500 units, entries and shipments are monitored using computer technology.